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Some posts will remain public, but most will be friends-only. Please tell me which filter you would like to be in. You can choose more than one filter.

For those individuals on blogspot, go to and sign in, then add me as a friend.

Filters (with a short explanation):

The original intent of this journal when I created it... talking about my journey through applying to medical school. Most of my old entries are now posted only to this group. This will also be a place where I post about ethics debates, and future topics that may apply to medical school or medicine in general.
Tags: med school application, ms0

Discusses my thoughts, concerns, etc about Judaism and my pending conversion. At this time, entries are largely philosophical in nature, dealing with things I've run across and need to tease out some more to understand.
Tags: Judaism

Short stories I write, along with excerpts of novels and thoughts and feelings I have about the writing process.
Tags: novels, short stories, nanowrimo, memoir, writing

Mission 101
Updates on Mission 101. Brief summary will be posted to mission101 each month, but these posts will contain more thorough updates, as well as entries about specific goals. Progress entries will be titled with the goal and list. Mission 102 tag refers to List Med (or List 2), while mission 101 refers to the original list.
Tags: mission 101, 365days, mission 102

Family issues, problems at work or school, thoughts I don't want to share with the world, but am not sure I can talk to any one person about either. Basically, for people who actually care about my life, and as such is generally restricted to people I actually know in some capacity.
Tags: rant, school, work, boys, family, life in general

Gives reviews of books I read. Will be posted in some slightly altered form to 50bookchallenge.
Tags: books

Part of my mission 101 is to create a kosher cookbook, designed to fit my own tastes. Rather than actually publish a cookbook, I'm going to post kosher recipes on my LJ. While this fits into several categories already on my LJ, I am creating a whole new filter, so as to avoid people reading things they don't care for.
EDIT: I've moved all my recipes over to blogspot, because I find the layout easier to manage there. You can find my recipes at
Tags: recipe book

More to be added at my own discretion.

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