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101 goals in 1378 days...

Or... what I want to do before graduating from medical school.

That's right. My list is finally complete, only a month and a half into the school year. That's okay, I'll manage somehow.

A few notes: Nothing on this list has to do with academic goals. I still have academic goals, but saw no reason to put them on my list. There are a few things related to med school, but nothing academic. I left room for three goals to be added every year, as priorities change and whatnot. Some goals that I've actually done prior to today will not be marked complete unless I can provide photographic proof, as per goal 100. The categories are kind of arbitrary, so the goals don't always fit perfectly in the categories. Sorry. The number in brackets indicates how many subgoals there are in that goal. For instance, I can call 'donate hair' complete after one donation, but it will take 4 donations to mark 'donate blood' complete. Some goals are marked 'Private Goal'. These are goals I do not want to list on my public list (this one), but may talk about under the filter. Depends on how I feel about it.

And finally, this list will only be updated as goals change or are added.

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If you feel inspired now to make a list of your own, please let me know :)
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New Year's Resolutions

Well, sort of. It happens to be my birthday, and tonight is the start of Rosh Hashanah, which IS a new year, just not one most people in the world celebrate. Still, it's a nice symbolic time for me to start anew.

Originally, I was going to use this post to just reflect on what's happened in the past year, and I might still wind up doing that. But, I've been introduced to a couple projects that I think I'll take up instead. A series of New Year's Resolutions, though they'll last longer than a year. Welcome to mission101. Here's my list of 1001 things to do in 101 days.

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If you want to follow my progress on these goals, please comment on this post. Thanks much!