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The Journey of a Lifetime

This journal originally began as a way to chronicle my journey through the medical school application process and medical school itself. However, after getting rejected from every medical school I applied to, I have diversified my interests a little.

My journal is largely friends-only, not because I don't want to share my thoughts with the world, but because I have many friends that have different interests on my journal, and I find it easier to filter them than to start a whole other journal.

I read a lot, so the books I read are chronicled here. I write, so a good portion of my writing is here as well. This is a journal as well, so I go into some details about my personal life. I'm exploring Judaism and the issues I find associated with that. I'm working on a Mission 101 project, and so my progress through that is documented here. And finally, I have my journey to medical school, as well as my journey through it, as I start in August 2010.

If you're interested in any of that, feel free to friend me and send a message as to what you would like to read. Some filters are more active than others (books only get posted once a month, if that, whereas my medical stuff gets posted once a week or more), so don't be surprised if you don't see me on your friend's page that often.

I also have a cookbook project I"m working on, but I moved it to Blogger for the ease of it. You can find it at http://becomingkosher.blogspot.com.